Crazy 8's Raffle Funding 2nd Chance Foods Cold Storage Trailer Project

Second Chance Foods is 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing unsold, un-served, and aesthetically imperfect food and distributing it in an effort to reduce food waste and food insecurity. 

They collect food from farms, grocery stores, restaurants and other purveyors in the Hudson Valley Region and both distribute it directly to community outreach organizations or process the intake into meals which are distributed in a like manner. 

Second Chance Foods also provide programs to raise awareness about food waste, nutrition, and sustainability on a local and global level.

Rotary of Southeast is providing SCF with a mobile refrigerated trailer to allow for increased processing capabilities. 

Funds are being raised through a raffle called Crazy 8’s and a matching grant from Rotary International. 

The planned unit will be built locally and will be equipped with electrical capabilities to allow it to be used in both transit and stationary applications.

Construction of this unit has begun as of Sept 1st, 2019

Vassar Haiti Project Donation

Founded in 2001, the Vassar Haiti Project (VHP) engages students in a life-changing experiential education in global citizenship, promoting Haitian art and fostering sustainable development in Haiti. 

Since its beginning VHP has partnered with Chermaitre, a village 2,500 feet above sea level in the northwest of Haiti. Chermaitre is only accessible by foot up a steep mountain trail. There are no roads, and there is no electricity or running water.


In addition to the purchase and sale of original Haitian art, VHP’s contributions are guided by five initiatives in the mountain village of Chermaitre: Education, Health, Reforestation, Water, Women’s, and Grants.


The Rotary of Southeast has provided an initial modest monetary donation to VHP. Southeast thereby joins a long list of East Coast Rotaries that stand in support of VHP’s on location endeavors in Chermaitre.

Brewster High School Students "Walk for Water"

Girls, imagine a world where you woke up to watch your brothers go to school as you embarked on your tiresome journey to get contaminated water from mud holes, only to walk back with your heavy jug of water which would soon need to be replenished. In South Sudan, so many girls live this reality. There is an organization called Water for South Sudan where schools can be the co-sponsors (raise $5000) or sponsors (raise $15000) of the construction of a water well in a village in South Sudan. This would change the lives of so many families who face illness due to dirty water, and the lives of girls who take the dangerous and long walk for water each day instead of going to school.  A well in a village means those girls can spend their time learning instead of walking for clean water. 

  We are nine girls from a freshman honors English class in Brewster High School. Our teacher, Mrs. Juska, has had her classes over the years read the book A Long Walk to Water which made us aware of the ongoing water issue in South Sudan. She also engages in a class wide service project to raise money for the organization Water for South Sudan which was founded by the main character of the book, a Lost Boy named Salva Dut. 

  This year the girls in our class will participate in a symbolic WALK FOR WATER.  Instead of going to school, we will be walking for the entire 6 hour school day, just like the girls in South Sudan. For the first three hours, every girl will carry an empty water jug on their walk around our school track.  This is symbolic of the girls' walk from their villages to the water hole in South Sudan.  For the last three hours we will walk with a filled water jug, which is symbolic of the girls' walk home from the water hole.


The Rotary of Southeast has provided a modest monetary donation to WFW on behalf of the BHS English Class with Ms. Jessica Juska.